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We're Passionate About Sharing Inspiring Stories from Diverse Cultures

Aussie 1 Productions is a boutique movie, TV and video production company, foreign language film distributor and event organizer. Our biggest asset is a remarkable pool of creative talents and it can provide its individual, corporate and TV clients an All-in-One service, while helping fellow movie producers to enter new international markets.

Our Story

Aussie-Malaysian TV (AMTV) is a community show funded by Australian Multi-Cultural Communities United (AMCCU), an independent charity with no political view that desires to unite all Malaysians, no matter of their race or religion.

? For Volunteers

AMTV is a show made from Malaysians for Malaysians. The entire team consists of volunteers, who are very keen to produce something that you’d cherish to watch.

? For Sponsors

Every start is difficult and we are far away from being perfect. Hence, we really seek your input to constantly improve the show and its contents.

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Our Values

Why We're Different?


An undivided community of volunteers with strong ethical and moral principles


A group of enthusiastic people with a desire to inspire


We adapt, self-organize, and collaborate to overcome the challenges


Productive, systematized and energetic team that works smart, not hard

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Aussie 1 Productions is passionate about sharing inspiring stories from diverse cultures that are touching the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

Together We Build Dreams

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We are looking for mixed marriages (Couples incl. LGBT) from different backgrounds (Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Faith) to participate in our 13 episode program for C31

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