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Uncle Buffalo

About Uncle Buffalo

Joshua Ong alias Uncle Buffalo is a true entrepreneur and he knows what it takes to make a business successful. In a world where the attention span of the average client is just 1 to 2 minutes, words will be too slow for a presentation. Add the fact that they won’t visit your office or shop first, but your online profile, videos are your best tool to create brand awareness. This is Uncle Buffalo’s domain; Joshua will produce for you the best and most inspiring online & cooperate videos enabling you to attract your target audience.

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Uncle Buffalo is also a chef with his own cookware range and a very know food connoisseur & blogger. Hence, we couldn’t resist asking Joshua to moderate our “JENGUK-JENGUK DAPUR MELBOURNE” AMTV community segment. Sure enough, he produced some very mouth-watering episodes, which you shouldn’t miss.

Besides that, Uncle Buffalo also produced the TV ad of Taste of Life for the show, thereby demonstrating also his creative video production skill. We are sure you will be impressed how much emotional attraction Joshua created in this 50sec ad. So if you wish to reap the same benefit as Taste for Life, then contact Joshua right now!

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