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About Taste for Life (Zi Jin Tang) Australia

What we like about Taste for Life Australia is that Shirley & Nicole’s business idea has been founded on them being very health-conscious mothers. Coming from an Asian background, they understood the importance of post-partum recuperation right after the delivery of a baby by practising the traditional custom of a ‘Confinement’ regimen. Such Confinement involves following certain Dos and Don’ts in daily habits, personal hygiene as well as eating or refraining from certain food. However, preparing the required food was very  time-consuming and living in Melbourne, away from the assistance of their family, made following this practice impractical.

When they realised that they were not alone and many other Asian mothers-to-be in Australia experienced the same challenge, they committed themselves to find a practical solution and help everyone. So they educated themselves as much as possible, researched the market, and found in Taste for Life the healthiest and most convenient DIY (Do It Yourself) Solution.

Today they give new mothers-to-be a better insight into Confinement as well as equip them with the correct knowledge, through expos and monthly workshops, specifically in the areas of postnatal care and dietary requirement.

Shirley Ho and Nicole Pay, Official Distributors for Taste for Life (紫金堂) in Melbourne and South Australia

Free Monthly Workshops in both English and Mandarin sessions on postnatal care and Confinement dietary needs.

They also provide the 30-Day DIY Post-partum Diet by Taste for Life is specially formulated by a panel of qualified TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) physicians and nutritionists. By adopting the 3-Stage Progressive Postpartum Recovery approach, it helps mothers to recover from the rigour of pregnancy, childbirth and regain their physical strength and health in the shortest possible time. The best thing is its convenience to the new mothers and their families, as each meal requires only 5-10 minutes to prepare and comes with menus and a timetable.

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