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What is most important about a caterer? The first thing that comes to mind is delicious food at an affordable price. But what when one has specific dietary requirements or need to serve a variety of eastern & western cuisine?

With Kaya Catering you get the most delicious food your guests ever tasted, no matter how sophisticated they are, or what dietary or culinary requirements you have. From private parties over exclusive business gatherings to weddings and festivals with thousands of people, Kaya Catering serves and delights them all.

There are a few things that stand out in our view. The first is the presentation of the food. People eat with their eyes first before their taste butts follow. We have seen it several times when Fatimah & Co brought the food in and guests had to wait until the buffet would open. The presentation and smell created an unbelievable expectation and there was always a storm with the word “Go”. Many people literally forgot their etiquette … but afterwards set with an heavenly smile in their face…

The second thing we admire about Kaya Catering is their professionalism. They plan, they arrive, they cook, prepare & present and at the end the clean up and leave the place as they found it. They are so good that you hardly notice them, as if they were part of the family, business or operation. It is a very smooth experience, with no hick up, just plain, good, old professional service!

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Lastly, Fatimah is one of the most humble and friendliest person you have ever met and her service is so flexible that she can tailor-made everything to your desire. Dealing with Kaya Catering is just a pleasure!

Check their website for testimonials and their Facebook to find pictures of the most delicious food. Then take your address book out and write under BEST CATERER their contact details. And if you need a caterer soon, then call Fatimah now. You will never regret it.

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Tailor-made everything to your desire

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If you need a caterer soon, then call Fatimah now.

You will never regret it