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George Lee Driving School

About George Lee Driving School

What makes a great Driving Instructor? Is it his politeness, calmness & patience that makes you feel comfortable? Or is it his Tips & Tricks and precise & clear communication that makes you learn faster, which in turn saves you time & money? Or is it the efficiency and methodology to get your licence at the first attempt?

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Reading through the 44 Facebook reviews that gave George and his fellow driving instructors all a 5 out of 5, one learns George & Co do all of the above and much more. They prepare themselves for each hour they have with you and give you reports as you would receive from the driving tester, thereby empowering you to focus on eliminating your weaknesses. George even uses hypnotherapy to remove any anxiety you may have before the test. They are a truly inspiring bunch of instructors.


When we had George for his interview at the studio, he in deed was very calm in front of the camera (no anxiety as with others) and answered our questions clear & precise. Besides, George possesses this rare combination of focus and positive energy and his caring attitude became obvious, when he helped us to clean up afterwards. But don’t take our word for it. Watch his AMTV Interview on Channel 31 and The Tarik Talk on AMTV YouTube to decide.

Our tip: If you need a Driving Instructor, there is no one with a better reputation, hence book him right now!

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  • Burwood East, Victoria, Australia 3150
  • Call +61 400 139 038
  • Monday—Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday: Closed