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Formula 1 Properties

AMTV thinks F1 Properties is a refreshingly different and very unique social enterprise

They consist of a group of experienced property experts that have done everything from property investment to property development and who are genuinely willing to give away all their knowledge to those in need of it.

They will help you, for example, if

  • You are a migrant, wish to leave your parent’s home or don’t have a home anymore and simply need a place to rent
  • You have a disability, don’t like living in an aged-care facility and instead seek to live with people that would include you into their caring house community
  • You are divorced and/or lost all your money and wish having a roof over your head whilst finding a new ‘family’ or home to care for
  • You are sick of paying rent or wish to get into the property market, but have no savings for a deposit
  • You are afraid of making the first step into the market and need someone to guide you
  • You wish having an additional, independent opinion whether you should put your signature under a deal
  • You are keen to invest, but believe you don’t have enough money to get started
  • You own your own home and wish to learn how to turn it into a mortgage reducing and cash-flow producing asset
  • You possess a negatively geared property and wish to turn it into a profitable and positively geared one, so that instead or a reduced cash-flow, you get an increased one
  • You like to learn smarter ways of renting your property such as how to lease your property for 2-10 years, with rent guaranteed for the entire period (no vacancy) and automatic annual rent increases (like in commercial property), whilst receiving property management absolutely free
  • You (and your partner) live in a property that is becoming too big for you to maintain or you need to be cared for, but you don’t want to leave the place that is your home
  • You own your home, but have no cash-flow for a decent life-style
  • You like to renovate or extend, subdivide or develop your property
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Best of all, book them on their Facebook website

and receive a free 30 minute consultation.



All AMTV subscribers (need to subscribe to this Website & YouTube and follow at least one Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to receive an extra 30 minutes to the usual 30 minutes free phone consultation and so do AMCCU Members.

In total you can get a whopping 120 minutes of professional services free of charge.
  • F1 Property: 30 min of free phone consultation
  • AMTV subscription: +30 min of free phone consultation
  • AMCCU Membership: +30 min of free phone consultation
  • AMTV + AMCCU: F1 Property will visit you at your home or project site and guide you onto the right path at no cost to you, even if this takes more than 2 hours. Still, give them a cuppa, what do you think?

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