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Our Vision is to empower you to celebrate your true identity – the unique person that you are (your ethnic background combined with your upbringing, life experiences and personal development that created the personality you express today)

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AMCCU Our Mission

Our Mission

is to create an awareness of the uniqueness and diversity of the multi-cultural communities that call Australia ‘home’.

The Purpose for which we established
Australian Multi-Cultural Communities United Limited (“AMCCU”)

  1. To encourage, endorse, and foster reconciliation, acceptance and co-operation between the different races, ethnic and religious groups living in Australia and to bond them into one community
  2. To support the social and economic integration of migrants and new community members
  3. To promote the multi-cultural diversity of food, film, music, dance, fashion, literature and other forms of artistic expressions in Australia
AMCCU Our Purpose
AMCCU Our Objectives

AMCCU achieves and promotes these Objectives by

  • Organising or supporting community and cultural events such as talks, festivals & shows;
  • Producing or sponsoring creative arts and media projects to unite diverse communities; and
  • Liaising and collaborating with like-minded government and non-government organisations

Our Core Values are:

  1. Understanding & Acceptance
  2. Connecting & Celebrating
AMCCU Our Core Values

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